Great Places to Live in Singapore

I have been hired onto a position at a Singapore company that makes a lot of money, and I am prety excited about the hire. It really seems like it could benefit me a lot in the future. I am not sure how much it will cost to turn this into a real business operation, but a lot of upgrades need to be made to how we do business. Personally, I am looking at executive condo in Singapore as I need to find a place to live in the near future.

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Should You Do Real Estate Full-Time?

Many self-acclaimed real estate gurus state that everyone should quit their jobs and immediately jump into full time real estate investing. They often claim incredible results from students with little experience. We would like to caution that life-changing decisions are not usually simple and that full time investing is not for everyone. Let’s discuss some pros and cons of full-time versus part-time investing.

The Full-Time Investor

Entering into the real estate profession on a full-time basis offers several advantages over a part-time commitment. Being successful requires you to develop knowledge in many aspects of real estate, and more time focused on real estate leads to greater knowledge. The more your learn, the more you earn, since you do not need to rely on as many professional services or partners for help. You also learn to recognize a deal (or a dud) faster, which gives you more time to do more business or spend with your family.

As a full-time investor, you work your own hours. When we say “full-time,” that may mean as little as twenty hours per week if you are good at finding deals. The rest of your time can be spent pursuing other vocations or hobbies. Or, if you are so inspired, you can work forty or more hours and use the extra cash flow to buy rental properties or diversify your holdings in the stock market. The point is that you need to satisfy your cash flow needs before you can start “investing” your money.

One final point you should consider is whether you want to be “self-employed.” If you have always worked for someone else, being your own boss sounds very attractive. In some, respects, this isn’t quite the truth. Being your own boss means being an accountant, bookkeeper, stock clerk, receptionist and office manager all-in-one. You have to do deal with tax returns, payroll, office supplies, customer service, bills and all the other hassles that come with a business. You don’t have friends to chat with at the water cooler. You don’t have paid health insurance, a company car and a 401(k). You take your problems home with you every night. Sound like fun? It is, once you learn how to master your time and run your business. Being the master of your own life and career is well worth the other hassles of dealing with your own business.

The Part-Time Investor

The part-time investor holds a “regular job.” This may be by choice or for the time being until his real estate ventures are bringing in enough cash to quit his job. If it is the latter reason, don’t quit your job because the real estate “guru” told you so. Quit your job when it is not worth the income that it brings you. In other words, if you are making more money per hour flipping properties on the side, you are at the point that where your regular job is costing you money. Only then, is it time to quit!

One of the advantages of starting out part-time is that you can maintain cash flow while learning the business. It may take weeks or possibly months to find your first deal. That same deal may take several months to turn around, especially if you decide to fix it and sell it retail. Think twice before telling your boss you’re leaving; you will have plenty of time to make the career switch once you have real estate experience. You may, on the other hand, like your occupation. If so, continue to work at it, and invest in real estate on the side.

The best case scenario, if you are married, is to have one spouse work a regular job. The other spouse work the real estate business for creating wealth, retirement income and a nice college fund for the children. Of course, in today’s market, you could be laid off due to unforeseen circumstances. If you earn additional income flipping houses and invest the proceeds into rental properties, you will be covered if your main income is lost. This is especially the case for married women that often forego a career and raise a family, only to find themselves divorced with no means of making a living. We don’t want to sound cynical about marriage, but with a fifty-percent divorce rate in America, it never hurts to have a system for making money.

Someone with a full time job tends to have little free time to focus on real estate. A part-timer should learn most of the same skills as a full timer. Thus, the key disadvantage to flipping properties on a part-time basis is that it takes sacrifice to learn the business. Something has to give; television, lazy weekends, meaningless hobbies and even some family activities must be compromised. As with any education, time spent learning about real estate will bring its own rewards, especially if the people in your life understand your goals and your plan to achieve those goals. If you are married, make sure your spouse reads this material with you and participates in the fun process of making money.

Treat Real Estate as a Business

People are lured to real estate because of the quick buck that it promises. Don’t hold your breath, you won’t get rich quick. An “overnight sensation” usually takes about five years. More than ninety percent of the people who take a real estate seminar quit after three months. Real estate investing should be treated with the seriousness of a career. It takes months, even years for a business to cultivate customers and have a life of its own. You need to treat it like any other business.

Biblical Wealth Strategies With Real Estate

I’ve heard the account abounding times. “You know, I’ve been absent to get into absolute estate, but…”

How do you accomplishment that sentence?

“I don’t apperceive how or area to get the money.”

“It’s too risky.”

“Is it biblical?”

“It would yield too abundant time.”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“It seems like absolute acreage investors yield advantage of people.”

“What about a absolute acreage balloon or a bazaar downturn?”

“I’ll alpha if I get in a bigger banking situation.”

“I don’t wish to accord with chock-full up toilets in the average of the night.”

These thoughts and abounding others can anticipate us from accomplishing God’s best for our lives and acumen our abounding potential.

Whether your admiration is to abdicate your job and get into absolute acreage full-time, or you just wish to add some affectionate assets to advice in your retirement, or restart in absolute acreage because you did it the amiss way, I accept anybody should accept some anatomy of absolute acreage in their portfolio!

We apperceive that absolute acreage advance is one of the best avenues to actualize wealth. God created absolute estate, and it’s admired because He is not authoritative any added of it!

And it is absorbing to agenda that if you abstraction the lives of some of the wealthiest humans in the country, accomplished and present, you will acquisition that even admitting there is a assortment of investments and businesses, one accepted cilia in about every one of them is absolute estate.

I mentioned in the aboriginal session, about how abounding of us accept anticipation at one time or another, “Man, why didn’t I buy that section of absolute acreage aback when?” What makes us anticipate that things will be altered ten years from now if we don’t act and alpha affairs absolute acreage now? I accept ten years from now, we’ll be adulatory we had bought added absolute acreage if “prices were so cheap.”

Most of the time, we don’t yield activity because we don’t apperceive how or area to get the money. Maybe you accept that absolute acreage investors yield advantage of people. Maybe you’re abashed of a absolute acreage balloon or a bazaar downturn. All of these affidavit abscess down to one thing: FEAR!

Perhaps you accept heard the “horror” belief of humans who approved absolute acreage investing, and they had a bad acquaintance with “problem tenants” or “maintenance headaches.” They don’t alternate to acquaint you all the affidavit why absolute acreage doesn’t work. These are the humans who usually just dived abrupt into the apple of absolute acreage advance after educating themselves. Some of these well-meaning humans will accede themselves experts aback they accept bought a abode or two, but affairs are they did not buy it right, they did not accounts it right, they did not bazaar it right, they did not administer it right, and now they are blaming aggregate but their own abridgement of education. I’ve fabricated some mistakes in my absolute acreage businesses, but I’ve abstruse from them and I move on!

Most humans artlessly buy absolute acreage rather than aboriginal advance in acquirements about absolute estate. With the absolute acreage abstracts provided to you through EPIC Abundance Strategies, you can be on your way to acquirements the actual way to advance in absolute acreage – with excellence, honesty, and integrity.

The Scriptures are abounding of references to God’s commands of possessing land. In Deuteronomy 1:8, God says, “See, I accept set the acreage afore you; go in and acquire the land.” Similar verses are Deuteronomy 3:18 and 4:22. Psalms 37:22 says, “Those the Lord blesses will accede the land.” Psalms 37:29 says, “The angelic shall accede the land.” Psalms 135:12 says, “And He gave their acreage for a heritage.” I Chronicles 28:8 says, “Be accurate to chase all the commands of the Lord your God that you may acquire this acceptable acreage and canyon it on as an bequest to your descendents forever.”

In fact, “land” is mentioned in the Scriptures over 1,700 times, so allegedly God places absolutely an accent on it. In today’s terms, you can acting the words “real estate” in the abode of “land” (sorry, the chat “real estate” wasn’t translated from the aboriginal Greek and Hebrew). God created absolute estate, and He created it as a acceptable investment. We’ve apparent the apple latch on to the abstraction of absolute acreage investing, abnormally in contempo years. But as Christians, we can’t aback down from something God said is acceptable just because the apple has latched assimilate it. As with the adventure of the talents in Luke 19, God expects us to accomplish a acceptable acknowledgment on His investments, and you can do that in absolute estate.

This absolute alternation is based on Multiple Streams of Income, with absolute acreage getting one of the three capital asset classes you should advance in. But even aural absolute acreage itself, there are means to alter your acreage portfolio through assorted acreage types, locations, and buying/selling strategies. Later, we’ll attending at the abounding means you can alter your absolute estate, even through assorted bartering acreage types, but afore we do, let’s attending at some of the affidavit why absolute acreage is one of the best investments you can make…

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Real Estate Note Buyers

Real estate note buyers can either be individual buyers or companies. Most real estate sellers usually accept real estate notes as part of a larger real estate deal that has been agreed upon. Payments are mostly made in installments. People holding real estate notes often sell them when they are in need of big lump-sum amounts. Many sellers do not to hold real estate notes for long time.

Real estate note buyers purchase different types of privately held real estate notes. They can be land sale contracts, promissory notes, contract for deeds, deeds of trust, and other types of real estate debt notes. Residential notes, commercial notes, and vacant land notes are popular among real estate note buyers, as these are common and the risk involved is minimal. Real estate note buyers sometimes act as brokers.

Real estate note buyers can buy a part of the real estate note, or the whole thing. The price depends on market values. Notes in the first lien position are preferred mostly by real buyers. Real estate note buyers demand copies of the deed of trust or mortgage, title policy, and closing statement, along with the note. Most real estate buyers pay the complete amount within a week or two. This delay is due to a slow preparation of documents.

Several real estate note buyers provide online quotes. Online purchases allow you to compare different rates of real estate note buyers and choose the right note. Confidentiality and competitive prices are offered by most professional real estate note buyers.

Choosing a San Diego Real Estate Agent

If you are selling your home in San Diego, or looking to buy, finding the right San Diego real estate agent can make a big difference in whether or not you get a good deal. But how do you find the San Diego real estate agent who is right for you? Here are a few points to consider when choosing a San Diego real estate agent:

Go for Experience

You may have heard it said that the three most important aspects of selling your home is location, location, location. Well, when choosing a San Diego real estate agent, probably the most important quality to look for is experience, experience, experience. The real estate profession is one with a high rate of turnover, and many San Diego real estate agents you come across will be newcomers. When buying or selling such a large investment as real estate, it just makes sense to use a real estate agent with several years of experience. Don’t even consider using a San Diego real estate agent without at least two years of experience, preferably more. An experienced real estate agent should have an established track record of buying and selling homes in the San Diego area. This professional expertise will definitely benefit you as you buy or sell your San Diego real estate.

Consider Personality

One thing that many people overlook in choosing a San Diego real estate agent is personality. Make sure to work with a San Diego real estate agent who has a compatible personality–meaning they understand your goals, are willing to be patient, and are good at maintaining communication with you about your real estate. If all they seem to care about is selling the first house they take you to, or tell you that your asking price is too high just to make a quick sale, then you know that the San Diego real estate agent you are working with is not really serving your needs. Look for a San Diego real estate agent who listens to your wants and responds by showing you houses that actually fit your criteria. Make sure they are comfortable with being patient until you find the real estate agent that satisfies you. Doing so will make the buying or selling of your real estate a much more successful experience.

Finding the Right Agent

You may be wondering how to find a San Diego real estate agent who has the characteristics mentioned above. The most effective way to do this is by word of mouth. Talk to other people you know in the area who have recently bought or sold real estate and find out who they would recommend. You can also use online websites, such as, to find a local realtor with the background and experience you desire. Once you do come across a San Diego real estate agent you think you would work well with, make sure to set up an interview. Try to interview at least three different realtors before deciding on which one would work best with you. Following these recommendations should make it much easier for you to find a San Diego real estate agent who will work diligently for you, and will help to make the buying or selling of your home go as smoothly as possible.

Commercial Real Estate Michigan

Commercial absolute acreage listings in Michigan breadth are

available for your analysis and purchase. You can

purchase a bartering website that is already

established, or you can acquirement a bartering lot that

is just cat-and-mouse for you to build, advance and accompany in

the humans to accomplish the sales. The boilerplate ancestors

income in Michigan during the year 1999 was about

$42,000. For the business, this agency there is money

available in the ancestors units to abutment assorted types

of industry, such as pools, spas, camping, and abounding

other types of hobbies and sports as well.

Commercial absolute acreage listings are those that will

include retail centers, doctor’s offices, business

settings and agnate retail situations. Bartering

listings are advanced ranging, from the baby lots, to the

huge appointment barrio breadth hundreds of advisers

could be located. Bartering absolute acreage in Michigan

is one that you should accede if you are cerebration

about relocating your business, or if you are

contemplating starting a new business venture.

Mortgage ante are consistently changing, and for the prime

locations in Michigan you will acquisition your absolute acreage

investment is able-bodied account the mortgage you will be

paying. If you accept completed a business plan,

detailing your business ideas, your business cartage

needs, and the demographics of who your chump abject

will be, you can acquisition a absolute acreage investment in

Michigan that will fit this requirement. Abounding

commercial absolute acreage settings in Michigan will

service abounding functions in announcement your industry.

When you are searching for bartering absolute acreage

listings in Michigan, there are abounding altered means to

go about it. You may accept a accordant abstraction to breadth you

are searching for the bartering property. If you apperceive

where you wish to accept your aggregation that is a big

advantage because you will be able to attenuated down your

search a little because of breadth you are looking.

Some of the advertisement areas are the Beach Absolute

Estate Michigan or Beach Absolute acreage but there

are abounding added areas that you may be searching at for the

commercial absolute acreage that you whish to accept your

company at for business, some are advised prime

locations, while others are bartering settings thatdo not accept the abundant traffic. One affair that you are

going to wish to do is analysis out what breadth in Michigan

would be the best for your companies business and for

the consumers as well. If you charge abundant cartage to

get the top numbers of customers, you should seek out

some of the prime locations, which can be a bit college

in cost, but able-bodied account the investment.

Once you accept done some of the plan on blockage out of

the altered locations, you will apprehension that there

are areas of the accompaniment that is traveling to be a abundant

location for your business of operation. Abounding

companies may accept to accept their business breadth

near the lakes so that they accept some simple admission for

shipment and deliveries in abounding altered means beside

vehicle. If you are blockage out the beach absolute

estate in Michigan, you may apprehension that you are traveling

to charge to be accessible to pay a little added for the

property because of its breadth but it could be a big

benefit in the continued run if you anticipate about the

different means that you are traveling to be able to address

and accept deliveries and even the achievability of how

many consumers that would be accessible if you are in

the business of sales because of the visitors that

could appear to your boutique some food or needs for

their vacation. That appropriate there would be a abundant

advantage to accepting some Michigan beach absolute

estate if you are traveling to alpha up a business of

sales that would be a account for the vacationers. If

you have, a artefact or account that would account the

many who adulation to vacation you should seek bartering

real acreage in the Beach Absolute Acreage Michigan


Michigan beach absolute acreage is a prime breadth

for abounding types of business, not alone because of the

high amount of day-tripper that appear to this area, but

also because of the top amount of cartage circadian that

will see your business in this area. Grand Blanc

Michigan Absolute Acreage is aswell a prime breadth for

commercial absolute estate, as this is an breadth that is

growing yearly, with new residential areas accretion

around the bartering area. About seventy percent of

the homes in Michigan are two and three bedchamber homes,

housing families that are accessible to abutment the

commercial sales needs.

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